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of dollars of products and
services you can trade for.


What do you have to trade?
Excess inventory.
Any product or service.
We have 50,000 people that want to trade with you.  


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 It's as easy as 1, 2, 3
1. Open your trading account.
2. List something to sell. Receive Barter Bucks.
3. Go shopping
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There are almost limitless things that can be bartered.
Let us get you started on the oldest and newest 
way to pay for all the things you want and need.

Buy just about anything with your barter dollars:
Accounting, Advertising, Business Cards, Carpets,
Cleaning, Dentistry, Design, Flowers, Legal Services, Museums, Painting, Plumbing, Print, Restaurants, Websites and Much, Much More!

How many of these things are you now paying cash for?

 About Us 

Debbie DeSousa, President Barter Bucks Banc started trading 15 years ago as a member. As President of Internet Marketing Association, she added many new customers each year through trading. With barter in her blood, she purchased a trade exchange franchise. After 4 years in the industry, she decided to build a National trade exchange, so she left the franchise and started Barter Bucks. Barter Bucks is part of the largest trading network in the USA, with 150 trade exchanges and +50K businesses that you can trade with.
Debbie DeSousa has held a California real estate licence for 30 years, spending 10 of those years as a mortgage broker. Fourteen years ago she became an Internet Marketing expert, helping many people set up Ecommerce businesses. She is now available for a limited number of speaking engagments to churches and business groups. She teaches "Print Money Legally" and "God's Currency". Call for details 925-524-0710

We service the San Francisco Bay Area


Pleasant Hill   

Walnut Creek           




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