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Trade Here

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of dollars of products and
services you can trade for.


What do you have to trade?
Excess inventory.
Any product or service.
We have 50,000 people that want to trade with you.  


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 It's as easy as 1, 2, 3
1. Open your trading account.
2. List something to sell. Receive Barter Bucks.
3. Go shopping
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There are almost limitless things that can be bartered.
Let us get you started on the oldest and newest 
way to pay for all the things you want and need.

Buy just about anything with your barter dollars:
Accounting, Advertising, Business Cards, Carpets,
Cleaning, Dentistry, Design, Flowers, Legal Services, Museums, Painting, Plumbing, Print, Restaurants, Websites and Much, Much More!

How many of these things are you now paying cash for?

Dear Business Owner,
Hello, my name is Debbie DeSousa. I am the President of Barter Bucks Banc. Fifteen years ago I owned an Internet company and joined a National barter exchange. The first year I took in $8,000 in trade business. Some might say that is not a lot of money.  But I will gladly except another $8,000 any day. I used my barter credits for dental work, eye glasses, dinners out, and auto repairs. The second year I bought a building lot for cash and bought a manufactured home part cash and part trade credits. Over the years many people have asked me why I accept barter credits in addition to cash. I always tell them it's just more money. Doesn't everyone want more money? I'd like to share with you how trading can help you grow your business.

Happy Trading,

Debbie DeSousa
President, Barter Bucks Banc

Barter Bucks Banc is part of the largest trading network in the USA with 240 independently owned trade exchanges and +50,000 members. These business owners are primarily retail businesses and some manufactures.

Barter Increases Revenue and Decreases Costs

Every business needs more money and less overhead.

         What do you have (product or service) that you can trade for something you normally spend cash on?

         Do you have extra time in your day?

         Do you have merchandise sitting in a warehouse?

         What do you have that you don't need? What do you need instead?

Are you a service business?

  • Carpet cleaner
  • Dentist
  • Painter
  • Steam cleaner
  • Plumber
  • Real Estate Broker
  • Mortgage Broker
  • Lawn maintenance
  • Web Developer
  • Graphic artist
  • Photographer

If you are booked solid with cash business, then you don't need to trade. But if you have extra time in your day, then why not take a trade job? It's just more money! 

Are you a manufacturer?

  • Farmer, Furniture 
  • Gift basket Food, sauces, gourmet
  • Clothing, house wares
  • Sports drinks, toys, gift items 
  • Jeweler, artist

Do you have excess inventory? Inventory that you can't move through your normal channels? 

If the answer if YES, then you are an ideal candidate for trading. It's ten times easier to make a trade sale then a cash sale. Don't liquidate for 20 cents on the dollar. Advertise your products in our Barter Store instead. 

Do you have uncollected invoices?

We can help you collect your uncollected invoices.
Every business has something to trade, whether it is a product or service. Barter Bucks will help you convert those uncollected invoices into spend able assets.

Do you like to buy at wholesale pricing?

Everyone likes to save money. When you trade your product or service, you are trading at your cost of goods. So you are buying at your wholesale cost.

Example: Restaurant owners' cost for food and drinks = 30%. If the restaurant owner trades $1,000 of his food and drinks for advertising, it did not cost him $1,000. The cost is only $300.00. Would you rather pay $1,000 in cash for your advertising or trade for $300.00 in food and drinks? 

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