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Top Coworking Spaces in Malaysia for Solo Entrepreneurs

In the early years of humanity, all of us belonged onto the nomadic species. Our living style requires us to roam around freely from just one location to another, tracking the stars, following the various seasons so that you can protect our families from predators, as well as in need of food to stay alive. Moving onto civilization, it has now become common that most of us find digital nomads and freelancers; accurately, anything could be completed across technological advancement. It changes the approach to life and maximizes the productivity degree of any individual by working at coworking space PJ.

Selecting coworking spaces within the Klang Valley area is extensive. The selection of choices might even get overwhelming for several. Don’t worry; the option is actually in your hands.

Strategically located in the middle of Kuala Lumpur, Colony @ KLCC is among the several coworking spaces you might hardly miss it. With regards to the slogan “Get a Life at Work” Colony aims to transform an old-school working culture becoming more dynamic and flexible by permitting customers to possess a work and lifestyle balance.

Common Ground

Colony aims to provide you the best services and facilities to improve your experience in a coworking space. In addition to a workstation, you can enjoy facilities for example Sky Gym, an outdoor pool, your own nap area, a cafe, and massage services. Colony also features the flexibility of using their space as your business address and also mail handling services, fulfilling the demands of a virtual office. If you’re pondering holding events or meetings, Colony is not going to let you down with their beautiful event space and meeting rooms.

Common Ground is another selection for coworking space fanciers. Their end goal is to set up the perfect space so that you can get connected to others and triumph. With style and professionalism in mind, Common Ground designed their workspace to be modern and unique while still keeping to be a business-class amenities. Common Ground will soon further broaden their workspaces locally in Malaysia and internationally in countries like Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The Common Ground Coworking space offers a variety of services. They value their customers very significantly and puts their clientele above all else. This virtual office space allows your imagination to run wild. At the time you enter Common Ground, you will be within this cohesive community. Moreover, you will be given having access to our Common Ground (CG) App that connects you to individuals just a click. Also, they usually host training seminars to showcase innovative skills as well as gaining knowledge from the mediocre ones.

Another coworking space you possibly can check out is WORQ, found in Damansara, exactly where the environment is designed to enhance your proficiency. They take pride in being a productive coworking community, and it has won the 2017’s Best Coworking Space award.

Whether or not you’re using a hotdesk, a dedicated desk or maybe a private suite, WORQ has all you need. From meeting rooms to conference facilities, you’re going to be pleased with the service WORQ provides. For example, treat yourself to some food at their fully-stocked pantry with free flow coffee, tea, and snacks! You can also find scheduled activities if you would like to make new friends and make friends.

Will the very idea of working at a coworking space PJ sounds interesting in your direction? If you’re going to make a change to your working style, visit, or to find out more on working in a shared environment.