• 3 Classic & Creative Treats That Malaysians Love With MILO®

    Malaysian’s favourite chocolate malt beverage brand is known to be a flexible ingredient in many menu ideas. From being a cocoa powder substitute for a cake to an ingredient in a MILO® biscuit recipe, we love the rich taste of MILO® in many decadent desserts.

    The chocolate sensation that MILO® offers works in so many dessert recipes. Some of the MILO® dessert renditions are so popular that they became viral sensations on the internet. Here are the top three MILO® treats in the hearts of so many Malaysians until this day.

    The MILO® Dinosaur

    On the surface, a glass of MILO® dinosaur might be a regular iced MILO® drink. But the distinct feature in this drink, also called MILO® tabur, is the topping consists of a few heaping tablespoons of MILO® powder.

    As if the chocolate goodness from the drink itself is not enough, we love a little bit more of MILO® sprinkled on top of the iced drink. The delectable sensation is when the powder clumps along with our beverage, becoming chunks filled with chocolate goodness that adds an interesting texture as we drink. It’s a winner among the sweet tooths at its best and will continue to be a popular menu item in many Malaysian diners.


    The MILO® Packed Shaved Ice

    Another treat that we need to mention is the cold dessert that took the internet by storm: the Ais Kepal MILO®. Shaved ice desserts are popular in Asian countries, especially during hot days. Whether it’s halo-halo, patbingsu, kakigori, or the locals’ favourite ABC, we certainly love sweet treats served on crushed ice.

    Hence, it is not surprising that the MILO® packed shaved ice has also become viral on the Internet. You can never resist a bowl of heaping shaved ice topped with a rich, creamy and thick MILO® syrup made with concentrated MILO® powder and condensed milk. The sweet chocolate sensation binds perfectly with the ice, mellowing its intensity that goes perfectly on your taste buds.

    MILO® Batik Cake

    Many Malaysians love this batik cake for its crunchy and milky-sweet texture. Of course, the key ingredient that lends this dessert its exquisite taste is no other than MILO®. This cake made from crushed Marie biscuits, butter, sweetened condensed milk and a lot of MILO® powder has a chocolate richness so tasty that it is a treat that Malaysians look forward to during festive seasons such as Ramadhan.

    However, making a batik cake is not that difficult, especially when you have the right recipe. 


    • 250g of unsalted butter
    • 150g of MILO® powder
    • One packet of Marie biscuits, original flavour
    • One can of condensed milk


    1. To make the batter, turn up a slow fire for a pot and add butter to melt, MILO®, and condensed milk. Stir well until combined.
    2. In the mixture, add in your crushed biscuits and coat it with the glaze evenly.
    3. Transfer the hot batter to a tray in a container. Packed the batter inside the container by pressing it down tightly.
    4. Chill the batter overnight.
    5. The next day, slice the batik cake and serve a few pieces on a plate.

    More Healthy Food Ideas With MILO®

    While we enjoy our favourite sweet treats, MILO® has plenty of food inspirations that are nutritious and easy to attempt. To check them out, visit https://www.milo.com.my/nourishing-goodness/bento-box now.