• The Key Reason Why Bank With RHB Malaysia?

    RHB MY: Our Historical background and Philosophy

    RHB Banking Group MY was made in 1999, after having a merger of numerous banks. Our main products are personal and business banking, foreign exchange and then we were the earliest banking group to build Islamic banking. Now we have won many prizes over the years, like The Asset Triple A Regional Awards, the Bursa Excellence Awards, and much more. RHB MY has generated much positive input to Malaysia’s economy.

    Records and Deposits at RHB

    Here at RHB, there are actually numerous account kinds which range from savings to multi-currency account which may fulfil all of your needs. If you need a loan, there are actually competing and flexible deals with desirable rates. RHB also provide life and general insurance policies at all stages of life. If you choose to sign up for an RHB credit card, enjoy special deals and provides as part of our lots of benefits.

    RHB Investment Plans

    Are required to send money internationally? RHB’s Remittance solutions will allow you to send your money in a very low priced and effective way. We provide you with fast TT services, reduced education cost for moms and dads and students, and even more. Besides, we’ve got investment ways for you to increase your finances. Our safety deposit boxes are also available in case you would like to store your belongings securely.

    RHB Bank

    RHB and Business enterprise Banking

    Insurance plans are essential to any organization, especially against any events which could change your online business or perhaps case staff is damaged. Be sure that you, as well as your business, are protected by RHB insurance. Opening an enterprise bank-account with RHB is additionally straightforward, and only takes one day. RHB also can support you with mortgages on your business.

    Organization Banking with RHB

    Apart from the essence, we could also organize trade financing services, and have a range of specialists to give you advice about the best alternatives to make. RHB isn’t just your bank, and also your companion. We present business strategies and information to enable you to develop your corporation. These tips also extend to the guidance in investment decisions.

    Islamic Banking Alternatives at RHB

    There are various good things about owning an Islamic savings account compared to a standard account. By way of example, in financing- the purchaser doesn’t have to pay even more than the agreed maximum amount. You probably have a fixed deposit account; additionally, there are up-front profits on your account holder. Islamic Banking is open for all, no matter religious beliefs.

    How to Use RHB Now Banking?

    RHB Now Banking is definitely an app that usually can be straightforwardly downloaded from the phone’s app store. This allows you to connect your bank account from any place, and you may even open in initial deposit account within the app itself. For those who have various accounts, you can handle each of them from a phone- no need to join and out always!

    Why Decide on RHB?

    Want to do your consumer banking with no fuss or hassle? RHB stands out as the bank for you. Along with our flexible alternatives, you can manage all your business banking needs in one place! Our experts and customer care division are also available to reply to any queries you might have. Head over to RHB’s website for more information on foreign exchange: https://www.rhbgroup.com/index.html.

  • Personal Insurance Policy Through AIG Malaysia

    Insurance is a safety measures method exactly where a person might acquire financial insurance or repayment against charges incurred through the damages. Insurance policy including car insurance offers finance protection, and stand for a safety net for your personal cherished ones. If you’re looking for the respectable and established insurance company, think about AIG Malaysia, possibly the best insurance providers in Malaysia.

    AIG Malaysia provides four key coverage. Property insurance protects the contents and frame in your home against dangers, vehicles insurance protects your cars, holiday insurance guards you from accidents while on a trip, and private accident insurance saves you against cuts incurred in case of an accident. AIG’s holiday insurance policies include local travel and in foreign countries travel, together with college students travelling offshore for education. One benefit available in all three policies include international assistance service, with a 24-hour emergency team ready to help you in the event of injury or accident.

    AIG Malaysia

    Protect your own home and the belongings in your house with AIG’s house insurance insurance plans. Some of our widely used features include safeguard against disasters, coverage for 30% of your personal valuables, and you’ll change your theft policy to full theft plan for any extra protection.

    AIG’s car insurance coverage is focused on cover your vehicle against damage- including through accidents, fire, or thievery. AIG even offers a fundamental road assistance service when you are stranded on the streets, including a selection of customisable add-on insurance coverages. Our dedicated panel repair workshop gives 1 year of guarantee on all maintenance done.

    There are living edges, with coverages for bone injuries, ambulance services, and a lot more. Discover more about your options offered at https://www.aig.my/personal